Vision: Mission Statement

Vision, the upper vertex and capstone of the triune plan, aims to reestablish aesthetics as the visionary principle in future forms of governance and law. Acting as the blockchain protocol that manages the input and output of information from the metaspace of MetaTense, Vision will provide a secure, cost-minimized means of accessing our cosmos of information. Specifically, as brain-computer interface technologies advance, Vision will provide a decentralized locale in which people develop their own BCI technologies/systems. Among other things, plans include the establishment of an Alexandrian museum of the mind built with scaffolding provided by Vision and secured, designed, and run by sovereign individuals. With this at hand, we might be able to better comprehend our own mind, our own environment, and our state of the world with new tools afforded to us by such a library.

With a new, cryptographically secure, self-sovereign lens into the minds of individuals, insights will be found while we stride through each of the old paradigms concerning the mind and our place in the world, allowing evaluation in a new light. Critical to this process is defining the conceptual cosmos for the individual and the conceptual cosmos for the collective, in doing so gaining insight into the building blocks of meaning itself. With this in mind, Vision aims to provide new indices of mental factors to transpose over the current valuation of goods and services, indices based on effect upon one’s mind — a sort of well-being indices to to us that a highly commercial world is harmful to the mind in a dynamic way.

In the short term, Vision will organize projects that aid in the gamification of personal and community narrative, attempting to build a linguistic mothership on the seas of language, offering respite and repairs for those whose vessels have been battered by historically stormy waters.

I write at length of the aims and context of Vision here:

To take part in friendly discussions about aesthetics, BCI’s, the museum of mind, anything discussed in the medium post(s), or to offer advice, visit the Vision Discord:



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