T3. P3. Section 2: The Potential of Our Dragon

In our current and historically incomplete Dragon, the cultural weighting system is controlled by law. Law that was tied very intricately to money, the system of which was still manipulable, prone to fraud, and whose construction is overly — intentionally — complicated. Double-entry accounting practices sped up the construction of the pyramid with new, highly effective means of affixing conceptual gravity around value-extractive symbols in the cultural spine, but have not yet provided a functional representation of the human creative complex necessary to as we .

This was necessary to develop our civilization materially, but anyone can see that if people had equal footing in expressing their own vision for the world, our cultural weighting system would not translate into a solely extractive system, and instead be balanced by a rich creative culture — as it has been in various historical periods. The creative force born of the minds of every human being in Eden could, without a doubt in my mind, remedy the destructive aspects we have legally imbued into our Dragon — the same aspects which have brought us into a world of chaos. However, this could not be done by sitting at the same looms once used to weave the chains of our current reality. Instead, it must be done aided by the redefinition of money, a reconceptualization of law, the use of brain-computer interfaces, and a superior system of account: triple entry accounting, otherwise known as a blockchain.

Before you let any fearful thoughts run amok and sully the vision of this potential future, allow me to explain the new Dragon that we would become when able to and the weights surrounding our cultural spine with a lucidity never before possessed. In this Dragon whose capstone has been completed and added to the very top of the pyramid, each and every lens of being that is a part of the Dragon (that’s us) would have a direct means of using their time and energy to weigh concepts surrounding the cultural spine as best seen fit by our .

Unveiling (in Greek: ) our Dragon’s visionary complex so that it may become self-aware requires a host of technologies already being improved upon today. These tools can easily become weapons if not given an ultimate end, but upon illumination of that inner conceptual cosmos of our Dragon (our minds), these technologies will serve well the cultural biology of our Dragon, weaving intricate internal systems for new modes of conscientious interaction with Eden; systems very much unlike those mechanical and mass-produced ones surrounding every major institutional construction around our cultural spine today.

In this new Dragon, the process of weaving new cultural systems and re-weighting old ones in a way that balances our time and energy in a meaningful way becomes the primary aim of the people, recognizing the collective Dragon can do far more within Eden when collaborating rather than competing. It would be as though this Dragon, blindly raging through Eden for many thousands of years, were to open its eyes, realize its mistakes, and in doing so direct the flow of its own hoarded value to the Edenic oceans, refilling the seas that will once again nurture the land. The Dragon would then begin the labor of love, turning every of war into a of love to rebuild and rebalance Eden for its inhabitants.

In doing all of this the Dragon be able to view its own — to become self-aware. This is the function that the capstone, the visionary complex, must fulfill. In short, this capstone is a global, meta-cultural art museum of the mind, kind of like a new library of Alexandria. That’s a bit broad but think of it as space where the metaphysical tools and systems of our are stored and communicated to people — such as the caduceus. Not only a museum but also a Hephaestusian workshop wherein any person could go about forging a new system or tool that would aid in the representation of . A workshop and museum for meta culture, whose only bounds are the and required to simulate and imbue the artifact itself, at which point said artifact can be used as a new tool to direct the flow of time and energy around our cultural spine.

This capstone visionary complex could allow people the world around to compare and contrast their respective visions for the future world, all the while discovering new solutions to problems we face — old and new. In establishing such a space for new, inherently mindful, and culturally dynamic solutions, we must acknowledge the need to frame these problems in terms of the time and energy that entails the transfer of value in the Eden surrounding it. What use would a Visionary complex for our Dragon be if it only looked up and away day-dreaming, and not down and around Eden and itself, coming to grips with the reality of its problems? In this way, I’m required to quickly detail two institutions to act as the right and left hands of the visionary complex. Both of them are able to work in concert to balance two particular ontologies of import — our economy and ecology, their units of value being time and energy. As time and energy within Eden balance, we may finally invest our time and energy into internal exploration, so as to discover untold treasures lying in the caverns within our , using those treasures to aid in the creation and translation of a more culture through the Dragon, into Eden.

Allow me then to detail these two arms and their ultimate visionary end technically in their component forms, with far less extended allegory. Their totality is a triune plan that aims to provide context and utility to the visionary complex as it establishes itself.





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